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About Us

Why we stand out above the crowd

Who We Are

Great Team of Engineers

Our team has many years of experience in product development, sourcing, manufacturing, operations management, mechanical engineering, regulatory testing, logistics, customer service and quality control among many other areas.

Taking projects from concept to completion with focus on all aspects of the operation is the key to helping our customers succeed.

Experienced Developers

We have managed product development, operations and manufacturing in USA, Mexico, Taiwan, Philippines and China for over 20 years.

Our experience in supporting short and long term development projects is a major strength of Jokawiem.

Sourcing Experts

We have brought success to customers in industries from automotive to textiles, from power tools to children’s products, from sporting goods to electronics.

Why Choose Us


Being based in the United States brings transparency to the manufacturing operations relationship. Our expertise in so many different industries assures our customers that their product will be designed, developed and manufactured as they envisioned; maintaining low cost, exceptional service, great quality control and secure IP lockdown.

Direct work with Factories

We work directly with the factories, we don’t rely on trading companies. Looking out for our customers’ best interest is our first priority.

We are on the grounds, in the factories, ensuring efficient operations and confirming that only quality products ship out the door. We manage each project every step of the way.

Resource Expertise and Technological Innovation

We have expertise in operating satellite offices overseas for sales, management or other distribution goals as well as strategic alliances, both private and institutional.

We have helped pull technological innovations through complex Chinese regulatory approvals for companies wishing to expand internationally. Just as we understand the value of U.S. and Western-made goods and services for China, we also understand the intricacies of manufacturing goods in China for U.S. companies.

We currently build components for industrial plants – parts and pieces for manufacturing plants in the United States – as well as many consumer products in the athletic, sporting goods, crafting, outdoors, bicycling and green energy industries.

We can meet your needs

Whether you need market understanding, engineering, design services, logistics, quality control, manufacturing or distribution, we are here to help you get it done, and get it done right.

For U.S. firms, we provide strategic technology transfer, China market development and Chinese Venture Capital resources as well as expertise in the Food and Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Clean Technology, Health & Biomedical, Manufacturing and Product Development industries.

Why We Do What We Do

Company Mission

To assist our customers with their products and ideas from concept to production with accountability, confidence, diligence, integrity and value, manufacturing such products with high quality, helping our customers bring great value to the market.

Jokawiem Philosophy

We pride ourselves on offering our services at prices that work within our customers’ business plans. We base our work with honesty and guide our customers each step of the way, helping them reach their goals.

Jokawiem Promise

We will work with you to create, design and manufacture your products, following the necessary steps to exceed your expectations and manage your daily production needs.

We Deliver On Projects

Through our outstanding track record assisting our customers, we have proven that we can deliver on our promises. Jokawiem has performed and continues to perform a wide range of tasks that help companies gain a solid foothold in China and the USA, making them successful in their endeavors.

What Keeps Our Customers Coming Back Project After Project?








Quality Control


IP Lockdown

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