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Industries Served


J&Y has years of experience designing and manufacturing most forms of metal components including:

  • Extrusions
  • Castings
  • Powdered Metals
  • Progressive die stampings
  • Reinforced Sheetmetals
  • CNC Machinings
  • Weldments
  • Fasteners

Plating (metallic and resin based) are also part of our strengths.


Designing and manufacturing virtually all forms of plastic components is possible with the J&Y team. We have experience designing and manufacturing the following:

  • Injection Molded Plastics
  • Injection Molded Rubbers
  • Rotational Molded Plastics
  • Extruded Plastics
  • Extruded Rubbers
  • Blow Molded Plastics

Including specialty manufacturing for:

  • FDA Level Products
  • Children’s Products
  • Harsh Environment Products
  • Cosmetic/Pad Printed Products


J&Y can provide most types of tooling at very competitive prices. J&Y factories can provide:

  • Expedited “Soft” tooling for prototype
  • Standard production tooling for Asian manufacture
  • High grade production tooling for import to USA/Europe
  • Extrusion dies
  • Progressive sheetmetal dies

J&Y also stores all Asian based tooling in-house to ensure piece of mind for all of our customers IP preservation.


J&Y has capabilities to not only develop any cut/sew concept for our customers, but we also have capabilites to manufacture on small or large volume scales. From sporting goods to promotional items, J&Y has the resources to get your product realized.

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